Reasons Why You Should Consider Insoles for Your Feet


Insoles are pieces of materials that one puts inside a shoe to provide better fit, comfort and warmth.  Foot bed or inner soles are other terms that can be used to denote insoles.  The purchase of insoles is done separately from shoes.  shoes last longer when you use insoles.

The materials that make insoles are varied.  Foam is the most common material used to make insoles.  Foam as an insole material is rigid, dependable and absorbs shock.  They are however not long lasting and therefore need to be replaced regularly.  Although it is not durable, foam molds to the shape of the feet making it comfortable.

The second material that insoles can be made of is leather.  The cowhide part of leather is the main material used to make insoles.  Cow hide is durable and cost effective making it an ideal material for insoles.   The material is rigid giving a strong arch to support the foot.

Insoles can be made out of gel.   Gel is normally in capsulated in bubbles and put into a foam foot bed to form an insole. Gel insoles are expensive but they are the most ideal.  Apart from providing comfort and support, they extend shoe life.

One benefit of orthotics for flat feet is that they improve shoe fit,  The stress from the body is supported with the help of insoles when you walk, sit or stand.  Insoles come in different shapes and sizes and come in different support levels designed for different foot types.  the three categories of insoles are , custom made, for support and for comfort.

If you are in places where there is cold weather, then insoles for flat feet will help to make your feet feel warmer.

Insoles can be designed according to shape or need as desired  podiatrist usually make recommendations for insoles.   Feet problems and correct posture are some of the reasons why special insoles may be prescribed.  Orthotic insoles is the name given to specialize insoles that help correct feet problem.    feet problems as a result of walking running or standing can be corrected with orthotic insoles

Insoles also help to assist people with feet deformities such as the flat foot.  Flat foot can be as a result of fallen arches in either one or both feet and insoles can help correct the problem.

Insoles can help correct feet problems such as arch pain, heel pain, and pain in feet balls  Pain areas are eased by the use of insoles since they provide support.

Insoles also help with problems such as plantar fasciitis which is the tearing of the band tissue at the bottom of the foot, Achilles tendonitis and prevent blister by stopping feet from rubbing to tighter fit shoes. Look for more information about insoles at


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